June 01, 2016
CK Wong

The third #MYCYBERSALE is coming this September and this is an opportunity not to be missed by merchants in Malaysia to boost your online presence and sales.

March 02, 2016
EC Milo

Shoppu, an e-marketplace project by AEON has recently done a survey in early 2016, on consumer online shopping behaviour.

 nanyang survey respondents demographics
July 13, 2016
CK Wong

Nanyang Siang Pau, (local Chinese media) has recently published some data on online shopping, from a survey conducted within Klang Valley (sampling size of 108 respondents).

 top online shopping lazada
November 11, 2015
CK Wong

Let's examine closer who are the leaders in each category, starting from Multi-Category, which carry various categories. We will compile the top 10 sites on another 4 categories in our upcoming articles, so don't miss out by subscribing to our email newsletter!

April 06, 2016
CK Wong

Mobile and e-commerce is a buzzword nowadays not only in Malaysia but also many parts of the world.

 12 facts you might not know about mobile in Malaysia

1 utama shopping centre
March 18, 2015
CK Wong

"Retail sales are getting weaker, but store rental (in shopping malls) keep going up", this could be a typical feedback from retailers who run brick & mortar stores.