Success Stories
Cyber ​​Tuition Class, An IT Literacy Business

Previously, Chin Ah Yim was only able to promote her tuition and daycare centre, Smart Motivation Center through brochures that usually ended up by the roadside, or at worst, in a bin.
However, through eUsahawan, she has learned how to use social media to her advantage in order to continuously engage both her current and potential customers.  Thanks to the exposure digital marketing has brought her, Ms Chin’s number of students continues to increase. She has now set her attention on online teaching to engage with wider audiences.

Navigating Digital Channels

The opportunity to join the eUsahawan program was not one to be missed by Encik Ayub. Operating Beautiful Network 2U in Kota Belud, Sabah, he initially relied on word-of mouth to promote his driving school business. Through eUsahawan, Encik Ayub learned how to use online marketing techniques to get word out on his business in a quicker and more efficient way. Now, his number of customers is growing day by day.

Behind the Screen

Working as a manager for an electronic equipment company, Websinners, Mr. Murugarasan has to seek out new clients and communicate with multiple customers at any one time. His company is located in Ipoh, Perak. Hence, distance is an issue in having to communicate with both potential and current customers.  Through the use of digital apps and the free tools he was exposed to in eUsahawan, a huge portion of his customer engagement no longer needs to physical. WIth just internet access, he can now run transactions with thousands of potential customers wherever he is!

Dreams of Visiting the Holy Land Becomes a Reality

When he first moved to Kelantan with his family, Encik Fauzi never thought about venturing into business. When the interest first sparked to start his Poji Jambu Batu stall, he knew that he couldn’t just wing it. He needed to seek proper knowledge to make sure his business is successful. After attending the eUsahawan program, his sales began to rise and with the additional revenue, Encik Fauzi was able to fulfil his dreams of performing Umrah with his beloved wife. His next target is to further expand his business by opening 5 more stalls.

From Kota Marudu to Sabah

Mr Mailson is the owner of Marven Sports – a souvenir and t-shirt printing business based in Kota Marudu, Sabah. Prior to joining the eUsahawan program, his client base was mainly from areas surrounding his business premises. Now, thanks to the exposure provided by increased online business presence, he now receives orders from all over Sabah! Given time, he hopes to be able to grow his business further through digital.

eUsahawan: Taking Leaps with You

Originally from Kuala Terengganu, Encik Najli who is now based in Melaka is an alternative therapist specializing in massage and bekam (cupping). Just a few weeks after joining eUsahawan, he began receiving higher demand for his alternative therapy services. What’s more, he found that these were directly correlated with the amount of online marketing he does.  For him, the best thing about eUsahawan were the trainers who were always willing to provide advice when needed, as well as the sense of community amongst his fellow entrepreneurs.

Keeping Up with Times

Syafeez is a young Ustaz who started his own business, Pusat Pengajian Al-Mukhlisin, to help more people learn to read the Quran and Tajwid. With the help of eUsahawan, he was able to use digital marketing techniques to engage with wider audiences. As part of his efforts, he also offers free Tajwid classes on a weekly basis through FB Live as he wants more people to benefit from his services. Syafeez urges more people to bring their business online as the opportunities available are abundant.

The Tale of the Happy Muffins

Happy Muffins started with just two agents. With limited online marketing knowledge, they quickly found themselves overwhelmed by having to constantly multitask various business roles. However, with the help eUsahawan, Khairil learnt proper copywriting techniques that helped him target suitable audiences and increase sales conversion, thus saving them a lot of time and effort. Now with 48 agents across the country, Khairil is confident that his dream to dominate the Malaysian market is not impossible.

Customer Confidence is the Key to Success

Maizatul, a student from Politeknik Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah started her business of selling used mobile phone sets online. However, it was difficult for her to convince customers to trust her product. After joining eUsahawan, Maizatul began to apply new marketing techniques to change her sales pitch. Not only did her sales volume increase, but many of her clients have now become repeat customers who continuously seek out the services of Ainshoppe on a regular basis.