Success Stories
Sharpening Business Acumen with eUsahawan

Jason Louis appreciates the simple, straightforward and practical content taught in eUsahawan. When first starting out in the business of men’s clothing, he quickly realized the importance of business knowledge in developing his own company. His lecturer at Seberang Perai Politeknik encouraged him to join eUsahawan where he learnt business basics and effective online marketing techniques such as teaser promotions. Jason’s next plan is to register his business on a marketplace platform such as Lazada or 11Street.

Set On Exploring Overseas Market with Digital Marketing

Owner of Anaqah Exclusive, Atiqah Arshad, a student from Arau Komuniti Kolej is very grateful for the opportunity to go through the eUsahawan program. Not only did she learn how to build her online business through platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, she was also given exposure on how to manage them effectively. She is proud that what initially started as a course project has gone on to become what it is today after 2 years. Thanks to her online sales, she was able to wholly purchase sophisticated sewing machines as part of her business assets. Driven by the growing number of customer demand, Atiqah aspires to expand her market to our neighbouring country, Indonesia.

Worth the Effort

Atiq, a young entrepreneur from Bachok was exposed to eUsahawan while studying at Politeknik Kota Bharu, Kelantan. As the owner of Atiqsknlicious, she uses the entrepreneurial skills that she learned to increase her online sales and expand her customer base. Even though she sometimes feel overwhelmed by the increase in customer demand, she says their satisfaction is what keeps her going.

Empowering Young Entrepreneurs Early On

Founder of Umashi Resources, Umarul Ariffin is a Klang Community College student who runs a vehicle tint business. His interest in entrepreneurship prompted him to take the eUsahawan class. He not only learnt to calculate stocks and cost estimates, but also financial management. Just a year after graduating, he opened his first shop at Shah Alam. He’s determined to not only build a business legacy that he can be proud of, but one that also benefits others around him.

The Dream of Exploring the World with Her Loved Ones

Nothing is more meaningful to Syuhadah, a student from Kolej Komuniti Tangga Batu, than her dream of traveling around the world with her parents. Despite being raised in a poor family, Syuhadah never blames fate. Her participation in the eUsahawan class has helped her to increase the sales of the travel agency she operates with. With the additional income, she now no longer depends on her family to pay her tuition fees and she’s ever closer to her dream of being able to take her family on a holiday!

eUsahawan Helps to Boost Business Confidence

Roby is a young man from Selangor who is always burdened with the fear of failure. However, that changed when he learned to improve his business marketing through the eUsahawan program.
Now, he no longer hesitates to use the knowledge he gained such as using FB Ads as a promotional technique, thereby increasing his sales volume at Flydeals – with the added benefit of giving him that confidence boost to keep going!